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Sky Raiders

Director: Lior Chefetz
Written by: Lior Chefetz & Ian Dickinson and Joe Swanson
Based on: “Adventure in the Squadron” by Oded Marom
Genre: Family Action-Advanture
Language: Hebrew


A misfit 13 year-old boy and girl secretly repair an historic fighter plane, to dogfight against the girl’s arrogant father and brother in the Annual Air Show.



Bab Jahannam

Director: Evgeny Ruman
Screenwriter: Yoav Shutan-Goshen, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, Irad Rubinstein
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Language: Hebrew


Three soldiers go navigating in the Israeli desert. The military drill is set near a Bedouin village, deserted during Israel’s war of independence. Though the desert is infinite, the young man feel more and more claustrophobic, as the scenic evokes inner demons within them. Unaware of the possibility that the evil is driven from their own mind, they fear they are haunted by the outside. In this journey the past of the place  is interweave with the psychological conflict, and as the soldiers find out they’re lost in the desert, the hidden violence explodes.

Saving Neta

Director: Nir Bergman
Screenwriter: Nir Bergman & Eran Bar-Gil
Based on Eran Bar-Gil’s book “Iron”
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrew

Five short stories taking place in a single day in a woman’s life, also depict a year in a man’s life.


Director: Savi Gabizon
DOP: Asaf Sudry
Main Cast: Shai Avivi / Asi Levi


Say you have a son who plays football and you sit on the bleachers watching him, and each time he’s passed the ball you notice your leg moving a little, just a few millimeters… Longing is a journey that begins in those few millimeters.



Director & Screenwriter:  Limor Shmila
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrew
Production: 2015


Upon discovering that her beloved grandfather has passed away, Effy (30) returns to her hometown of Acre. While visiting the home she grew up in, she meets Karen (40) a teacher, wife and mother of two. The two women instantly form a connection and find themselves falling in love with one another. This newfound love keeps Effie in town longer than she expected and pulls her back to her family. Through Karen’s 9 year old daughter Maya, Effie will come to terms with what forced her to flee so many years ago- her Uncle Yossi, a well-known local cop and everyone’s favorite uncle. Her break with Karen occurs when Effie criticizes her for not seeing what her daughter Maya is going through, propelling Effie to finally confront her Uncle Yossi.